Top Sights in Edinburgh

10 Attractions You Must See in Edinburgh

Visit Wall Street, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Planning Your Edinburgh Visit

What do to with 6 hours solo in Edinburgh?
Definitely visit Edinburgh Castle to start. Then follow the Royal Mile all the way down to Palace of Holyroodhouse, which you can tour as well. Stop at the various whisky tasting rooms, or even do the The Scotch Whisky Experience (take the fun little ride!)-the tasting afterwards was very educational and good!
Unmissables of Scotland?
Edinburgh, you could spend multiple days. Try to at least tour the Edinburgh Castle and stroll along the Royal Mile. If you are into whisky, there is a great tasting room/store called Royal Mile Whiskies about half way down. We also enjoyed the town of Leith along the water (quick bus ride or taxi). There are multiple great local restaurants right along the canals (we enjoyed The King's Wark and The Ship On The Shore. If you are really a foodie, there are also several Michelin starred restaurants in Leith. I am a "royalist" so I very much enjoyed visiting Palace of Holyrood at the other end of the Royal Mile and the Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith. Best food we had in Edinburgh was on the Royal Mile at Whiski Bar & Restaurant-we went several times. Just a really cool, small, friendly tavern with incredibly good food. We also really enjoyed the "ride" and tasting at the The Scotch Whisky Experience.
Where to visit in Scotland?
Try taking the train from Glasgow to Ardrossan and the ferry to the Isle of Isle of Arran It's super quick to get to! There's loads of fun things to visit like a brewery, distillery and also a famous cheese shop! The views are excellent too.

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