Top Sights in Frankfurt

10 Attractions You Must See in Frankfurt

Visit Wall Street, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Planning Your Frankfurt Visit

What is fun in Frankfurt?
The area around the Hauptbahnhof was sketchy at best. There was the Frankfurt Goethe House The Römersberg & Paulskirche was nice. There really wasn't a lot there. Mainz is nearby, nicer with a lot to do. Roman Theater ruins, shipbuilding museum which was really good. Parts of the old town were amazing.
Is Frankfurt Stock Exchange building open to visitors?
The building is generally open to visitors, but you have to book in advance with the Visitors Center. For free, you can attend a presentation about the exchange and trading in general, as well as observe the trading floor from a gallery above.
Do taxis in Frankfurt typically accept credit cards?
In theory, yes, definitely. This is standard. In practice, a lot of taxi drivers will try to find an excuse so they don't have to accept payment by card (like "Oh, but you should have asked before, I don't have that machine on me"). I only had it happen once that the driver really couldn't handle the payment. In all other cases, it turned out being a lame excuse, and when I said I couldn't pay otherwise, it was suddenly possible.

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