Top Sights in Lisbon

10 Attractions You Must See in Lisbon

Visit Wall Street, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Planning Your Lisbon Visit

Best free things to do in Lisbon?
"You can't miss the Museu Berardo, totally free and with great pieces of contemporary art. Most museums are also free on Sunday mornings. Check out "Out Jazz Festival" with jazz concerts every sunday in different parks around the city."
What is the best time of year to visit Lisbon, Portugal?
If you want to walk and know the city streets, go to the beach nearby, visit the monuments and castles, you should come between June and September, because the weather is good, warm and peaceful. The rest of the year is cold and rainy, but you can enjoy the most of the culture places that the city offers.
Best way of transportation in Lisbon?
"There's an aerobus that travels from Lisbon Portela Airport to the city. The service is frequent and runs from early morning until very late (maybe even through the night) Because there were 5 of us we took a taxi from the stand just outside the airport. They use big people carriers for large groups. Taxi travel is very reasonable in Portugal. Public transport is very good in Lisbon, there are buses, trams, the metro and elevadores (like funiculars) You can buy a Lisboa card which allows free transport and entry into lots of the museums or art galleries. We bought a 72 hour card for under €40, which we used a lot! I think you can get one for 24 hours too. "

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