Top Sights in Prague

10 Attractions You Must See in Prague

Visit Wall Street, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Planning Your Prague Visit

What are the most popular areas in Prague?
The two main areas for sightseeing are the Hradčany (Castle District) and Old Town Square, both areas offer modern and old-style hotels... depends on your preference. Staying in either area gives you access to nice cafes and bars.
What is the best way to get from the airport to Old Town?
You can take a taxi, but make sure to decide on a rate before you get in. Taxis in Prague are known for taking tourists super long ways and running up the meter....when in reality most times you don't even use the meter. If you don't have tons of luggage with you, I suggest taking the bus to the metro...depending on how close your hotel is to a metro station. You can take the 119 bus from the airport terminal and take it to the very end, which is right before the Dejvicka metro (green line) get off the bus and just walk a hundred feet or so to the metro can then hop on the green line and take that into old town really easily!
Things To Do / Sights To See in Prague?
Seeing Prague itself could very, very easily use up all your two days though you could, if you wish, either take the tram to Vyšehrad (where there is a fort with excellent views of the river and a churchyard full of magnificent sculptures) or take the train to Kutna Hora Main Railway Station from where you can easily walk to the Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church) and then walk into Kutna Hora itself to see St Barbara's church and the interesting old centre. The station in Kutna Hora's historical centre is Kutná Hora město but it's easier to get trains to and from the main railway station.

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