Customer Agreement

Globerouter provides an online ordering platform for destination tourism products, bringing together relevant qualified suppliers of quality products for you to choose from. Please read the terms and conditions of this customer agreement carefully before using Globerouter, to ensure you fully understand the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Once you use, your use will be taken as consent to the terms of this agreement in full.

I. Your rights

While traveling, you can choose whether or not to participate in optional activities at additional expense, excluding items already included in the cost of the trip. Destination suppliers cannot force you to participate in extra activities.

II. Your responsibilities

By ordering any product through Globerouter, you have a responsibility to read all information related to the product, including but not limited to: price, travel details, departure point, tour details, instructions for cancellation, refund policy and other information associated with the product. Once your order is successful, we will assume that you have read, fully understand and completely agree with all of the information associated with the product. When you place an order, please be sure to leave the correct contact information including but not limited to cell phones, telephone, mail, etc. Globerouter will not bear any costs resulting from a lack of contact, or failure to view messages and check mailboxes, or failure to reply to emails, etc.
You should take responsibility for your own safety when participating in activities that involve risk. Destination activity products involving risk include, but are not limited to snorkeling, surfing, rafting and other water sports as well as horse riding, rock climbing, mountain boarding, and activities involving high winds. You should not participate in such activities if you have a health condition including but not limited to cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, epilepsy, mental illness, diabetes, infectious or chronic conditions, or are pregnant. Before any activities, you should schedule a medical examination to ensure that you understand your health condition and that you are capable of completing the activities. Globerouter will not accept any responsibility for personal accidents or losses resulting from poor health.

III. Ordering and payment processes

1. Filling orders. After selecting your trip, and filling the basic information page, the system will automatically calculate the price for you. Click “I want to order” to complete the detailed order information and settlement
2. Online payment. The website currently supports US dollars, Renminbi, Euro and Canadian dollars for payment. We offer three payment options including credit card, Paypal payments and money orders or cash cheques. After the payment is complete, you will receive a registration email immediately from Globerouter to send you a reservation form. You are required to check this reservation form and confirm that the information is correct.
3. Waiting for confirmation. Within two working days after receiving your payment, we will send your electronic travel vouchers. Once you receive a travel voucher your order is confirmed. At this point if you need to change or cancel and order, see the terms and conditions for cancellation/changes. If you ordered, and the full number of people required for the tour cannot be reached and your departure cannot be confirmed, we will offer a full refund. We recommend that you receive an electronic travel document before ordering your tickets.
4. Getting electronic travel documents. Once your reservation is confirmed, we will send electronic travel documents to your email address. You need to print these vouchers to participate in the itinerary.
5. If within 72 hours of placing your order you find on that your product has since been marked down or placed on promotion and have not yet started your trip, please call us after ordering to apply for a refund of the difference. Send us your order number, the product markdown or URL to After verification of compliance with these conditions, we will give you a refund within 7 working days.

IV. Itinerary changes and cancellations

Content is the same as the changes and cancellation policy

V. Itinerary change or cancellation due to force majeure

We will try to ensure that your itinerary is consistent with the details listed on the website. However, in order to ensure your safety, in rare circumstances including but not limited to severe weather, transportation problems, rioting, disease outbreaks and other uncontrollable reasons, Globerouter and the supplier of the destination tour product reserve the right to make changes to or to cancel your itinerary. Globerouter does not accept any responsibility for personal loss, cancellations and additional associated costs due to force majeure including but not limited to equipment and transport failures, strike action, illness, theft, accidents, or extreme weather. Globerouter accepts no responsibility for personal injury or loss of life resulting from such conditions, and offers no compensation.

VI. Globerouter's rights

To protect the rights and interests of our community, if passengers obstruct or hinder the normal operation of Globerouter or suppliers of destination tourism products, we have the right to cancel their eligibility to continue to participate in the trip. This decision is final and in such an event a passenger cannot ask for a refund or transfer. Regarding personal reasons for those who wish to abandon their itinerary, Globerouter will try to help arrange, but is not responsible for any loss resulting. Suppliers of the itinerary that provide optional tours with minimum trip requirements such as number of participants has the right to cancel the tour is those requirements are not met. Globerouter is not responsible for any resultant loss. Globerouter is not liable for any losses caused by network or destination suppliers, or by any other third party. Globerouter retains the right to investigate any inappropriate remarks made against Globerouter that has a negative impact on the tourist industry.

VII. Dispute resolution

Globerouter is an electronic ordering platform for tourist destination suppliers. All suppliers have relevant qualifications for their territories, and are frequently reviewed. If you are not satisfied with your products, or if you encounter any problems with suppliers, Globerouter will try to assist you in negotiating with suppliers, but does not accept any responsibility for any loss in doing so. In the event of a problem with you itinerary, please consult in a friendly manner with your tour guide, and contact us as soon as possible. Complaints received after the tour with no detailed evidence will be regarded as inadmissible by Globerouter.

VIII. Other

1. Privacy and data.
Globerouter respects and protects the privacy of all users. We undertake not to disclose your information to third parties without your consent. Globerouter will only use your personal information to fulfill orders and necessary follow-up services. See our use and privacy policy for more details.
2. Travel insurance
To ensure that your interests are protected, Globerouter strongly recommends that you purchase comprehensive insurance to cover medical costs, baggage loss, cancellations, etc. Globerouter does not accept any liability for flight cancellations, accidents, delays, lost or damage items, personal injury or loss of life. In resolving any such issues we will follow the policies of the specific companies involved.
3. Health status for participation
Globerouter recommends that all passengers be in good health to ensure the smooth operation of your travel plans. Please check your health status and discuss your suitability for long distance travel with your doctor. If you require any special consideration for physical or mental ill health, please state this when ordering. Globerouter will not accept reservations from passengers whose physical or mental health is not suitable for long distance travel.
4. Passports and visas
Passengers are expected to obtain “entry” or “via” visas for all countries on their itinerary, and to carry the necessary travel documents. Different nationalities have different requirements for different countries, and passengers are expected to understand these policies. Globerouter does not accept responsibility for passengers failing to obtain the correct documents for entry or passage. Passengers must bear the cost for delays or cancellations resulting from their failure to obtain the correct travel documents. Passengers must adhere to the laws issued by national governments including immigration and customs laws. Globerouter does not accept any responsibility for penalties resulting from failure to comply with national laws or government regulations.
5. Copyright
Globerouter is the owned of all content on its site, except the itineraries provided by third party suppliers. Globerouter does not permit without express permission any activities including but not limited to the illegal copying and distribution of any content from its site whatsoever. Likewise, Globerouter takes very seriously the protection of intellectual property. If this site contains text, images or other content in violation of your intellectual property, please provide a link to the infringement and send to, we will contact you as soon as possible about removing any content that infringes your copyright.
6. Disclaimer
Globerouter is a platform for ordering destination tourism products, in order to improve your one stop ordering experience, we cooperate with suppliers pages and may link you to relevant products on other providers' websites. You understand and agree that Globerouter links to third party websites, and you may access products and services from those sites on our pages. Globerouter does not undertake any responsibility for your conduct on third party pages. Globerouter endeavors to provide customers with correct, complete and updated information, but does not rule out the possibility of technical or typographic errors. The customer is obliged to verify these before use. We reserve the right to advance notice of any changes and updates to our content.

IX. Legal notices

Any purchase agreement is between you and Globerouter. Entering into this agreement, you accept that any disputes arising will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California. In the event that any dispute cannot be settled amicable, either party may apply to begin court proceedings. If for any reason, any part of this agreement if totally or partially invalid, the remaining provisions of this document remain valid and binding. Usually, Globerouter will not exercise or enforce its rights under this agreement, this does not constitute a waiver of those rights. Globerouter reserves this customer agreement as final.

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