Customer Complaint

In the process of traveling it is inevitable that some problems will occur. In circumstances that take place outside of your control and that are hard to manage, Globerouter can provide you with three effective solutions:

1. We can help you to negotiate a settlement with the vendor, which is the most direct and effective way to to solve the problem.

2. You can ask Globerouter to act as an independent third party to resolve the problem. We will attempt to resolve the dispute independently using our professional judgement.

3. Attempt to resolve through other legal means

If you cannot resolve the problem though consultation with the destination supplier, and do not want to solve the problem through legal channels, we recommend that you apply to Globerouter for assistance. At such a time, it is considered that both parties consent to Globerouter acting as a third party to mediate, regardless of which party applied for our intervention. Globerouter will base any settlement on our own judgement and principles. You can choose not to adopt the advice of Globerouter, but once we have made a decision after an application, the decision will be final.

I. Scope of Globerouter's acceptance.

Type of problem Feedback of problem Status
During travel After travel
Guide/driver Guide driver is late or absent without a valid reason Accepted Accepted
Guide/driver's attitude, or knowledge is beyond satisfaction Accepted Accepted
Hotel Room conditions are under standard Accepted Accepted
Itinerary Passengers are required to participate in optional activities at additional expense without their consent (excludes additional fees indicated on Globerouter's website) Accepted Accepted
Change in the original itinerary without reasonable explanation Accepted Accepted
Bus The bus sanitary conditions are unacceptable Accepted Accepted
The bus breaks down and affected the set itinerary Accepted Accepted
The negligence of the driver or the guide leads to damage of property Accepted Accepted
Objection to fees Driver/guide levies an unreasonable extra fee Accepted Accepted
The actual cost of items is greater than the cost listed on Globerouter's website (except for seasonal fluctuations) Accepted Accepted
Ask for the Low Price Guarantee after/during the trip Not accepted Not accepted
You have to pay extra for the following: airport transfers, fluctuating hotel prices and other tickets Not accepted Not accepted
Force majeure Natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes, fires, floods and other causes of disruptions such as political volatility and pandemic infections in destinations, etc. Emergency contact Accepted as appropriate depending on the circumstance to minimize loss
Personal reasons Personal negligence leading to loss of valuable items carried during travel Emergency contact Not accepted
Missing a connecting flight or other delays caused by personal vehicles Emergency contact Not accepted
Disruption caused by personal illness or other unexpected reasons for missing the trip Emergency contact Not accepted
Damage caused by choice of privately arranged activities Emergency contact Not accepted
*Please refer to the customer agreement for specific circumstances

II. Globerouter's right protection process

Globerouter rights protection includes columns for during and after the trips. Please select the correct option from the table based on your family and friends' specific circumstances. “During the trip” means your party encounters problems during the course of the trip, and require fast and accurate assistance. “After the trip” means you or your party offer feedback on problems encountered and are seeking remuneration.

Emergency Assistance

If you or your party encounter any problems on the course of your trip please follow the following process operation:

Rights Protection

If you or your party want to follow the rights process after the tour, please use the following process operation:

Please use the following feedback form to assert your rights. Globerouter is here to try to coordinate and solve your problems.

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