Low Price Guarantee

Globerouter 2.4

Globerouter is committed to providing the best price for our customers. At Globerouter.com, a group product does not include any hidden costs. The price you see on our site is the price you end up paying!

Within 24 hours of ordering your product, if you find the same product offered in the USA by another travel site for a price lower than that offered by Globerouter.com, please call us and fill out the following form, including details of the lower priced product and your order number. After verifying the information, we will not only refund the difference, we will also offer you the same product at 2% less than the price you found!

At Globerouter, getting your refund is very simple, just five easy steps!

You can view your points record in your account

Tips to guarantee a low price:

1. For a quick and easy refund process, please ensure you save or print the information you have seen in relation to the cheaper product

2. When calculating and comparing prices, please ensure that any taxes that may arise are included in the product. Remember, with Globerouter, what you see is what you get, all taxes are included in our pricing

3. The application for a refund must be placed within 24 hours of ordering through Globerouter.com

4. Comparable prices include products with the same itinerary and hotel size and some consistency between the tours and departure times

5. When you call us, check that the lower priced product was purchased in the same currency as the product purchased from Globerouter.com

6. This low price guarantee doesn't apply to hotel or ticket orders

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