• 1.What is the order process? How long does it take to confirm the order?

    Once you have selected and booked the tour. We will send you a order number to the email address provided at the time of booking and you will also then receive a confirmed E-Voucher in 2 days, which will include all tour related information, please read it carefully and keep it with you while traveling. For some of the tours, we offer instant confirmation but for others, we highly suggest you book your flights only after you receive your E-Voucher.

  • 2.What is a E-Voucher?

    It is your travel ticket which has all the tour related information. You will have to carry the E-Voucher while traveling. If in any case you did not receive an E-Voucher, please contact the customer service team.

  • 3.What type of payment methods are valid?

    We accept all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and PayPal for payments.Please Note: For the security reasons, our systems do not accept payments from cards which has same email address on more than 3 cards. If you face any problems in the payment process email us at

  • 4.Is online payment method secure?

    Yes, Globerouter respects and protects the personal privacy of all users of our travel network platform. Your personal and payment information will not be shared with or disclosed to any third parties without your permission. Globerouter only uses your personal information to process your orders and for necessary follow up services. We do not store customer's credit card, debit card or any other payment information. This privacy policy is an integral part of our customer agreement. We highly recommend our customers not to share your globerouter account details like user id. and password. For more information check our Help Center.

  • 5.What is the cancellation and refund policy?

    If you wish to change or cancel your order, you will have to download and fill in the “Change/Cancellation Form”, and send the completed and signed form to Globerouter via email, fax or post. Please note a small fee will be charged for change or cancellation of order. Visit for more information Help Center.

  • 6.How to contact the customer service?

    You can simply call the customer service based on your location USA: 1-408-904-3068 | Canada: 1-604-628-1884| France: 0800-913056| German: 0800-1862378| New Zealand: +64-9-9519698| Australia: 1-800-821-791 (OR) send an email to

  • 7.How long in advance should you book the trip?

    We can provide last minute booking only if seats are available.Please Note: During holiday season & in summers the seats sell out faster, we highly suggest you to book as early as possible.

  • 8.What if the flight of the customer is canceled or delayed?

    Please contact the local providers number mentioned on your E-Voucher. If you still have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team.


  • 1.What time should you reach to the departure point? What if you reach late?

    ● We highly recommend you arrive at the tour pick-up location minimum 10-15 minutes prior to pick-up time mentioned on the E-Voucher.

    ● It is recommended you contact the local tour operator (contact details would be mentioned on the E-Voucher) 24 hours prior to the tour to reconfirm your pick-up time & location.

    What if you reach late?

    ● Seat in Coach (SIC) Tours run on fixed timings.

    ● The coach will not wait or turn back for anyone who is late regardless of the reasons validating the passengers late coming as it would affect the tour schedule & cause discomfort to other passengers who are already on board the coach.

    ● As per the local driving regulations & laws (applicable for tour coaches), the tour coaches would pick-up & drop-off passengers only at designated areas / points and time.

    ● If you are late, we recommend you contact the local tour operator / tour guide (contact number mentioned on your E-Voucher) and check on the possibility if you could join the tour at the next pick-up location.

    ● No part or full refund / compensation will be offered to passengers who miss taking our tours as per the date/time scheduled on our E-Voucher as all services are reconfirmed and prepaid for. Charges as mentioned in our Cancellation / Refund / Modification Policy would be applicable.

    Note: **Based on the tour guide’s instruction, if you decide to join the tour from the next pick-up location, you will have to make your own commute arrangements to the next point**Ensure you arrive ahead at the next point as per the time instructed by the tour guide**The tour coach will not wait or turn back for those arriving later than the time mentioned**No refund or compensation will be offered to passengers who miss to take our tours as per schedule**We recommend passengers avail travel insurance to protect against exigencies of any nature. (Refer information under our “Cancellation / Order Modification / Refund Policy”)

  • 2.What do you have to carry(documents) for the tour?

    ● Passengers must carry the E-Voucher (Service Confirmation Voucher / Proof of Purchase) which will be sent to your email after the booking has been made & re-confirmed

    ● Passengers must carry a valid photo identification:

    1.All international passengers should carry a valid passport and necessary VISA’s

    2.For passengers residing in the United States and availing tours within the U.S.A – passengers must carry a valid photo id (State ID / Driver’s License / Passport)

  • 3.How are the tours scheduled?

    ● Most of the tours usually start in the morning approximately between 07:00am - 08:00am and end in the evenings approximately between 07:00pm - 08:00pm. However, timings may vary with every tour.

    ● Approximate time given is subject to change based on local conditions like traffic, weather, and other situations that are beyond our control.

  • 4.What kind of transportation vehicle is used for tours?

    ● A comfortable spacious coach / bus is provided which is equipped with climate controlled air conditioning, reclining seats, storage compartments, and restrooms etc.

    ● Size of the tour coach (seating capacity) would vary depending on the number of passengers traveling on a specific tour / day.

  • 5.Are restrooms available on-board the tour coach / bus?

    ● Toilet / Restroom facility is available on board most big coaches; however, the usage sometimes can be restricted (depending upon the tours) considering the maintenance and upkeep of the facility (as any stench emitted from the restroom onboard the tour coach can cause discomfort to all passengers). However, the tour guide permits usage of the facility during Emergency (health related issues) only.

    ● The coach will take convenience stops at regular intervals (which will be in sync to the countries local traffic laws & driving regulations) during which we highly recommend all passengers (families traveling with children / senior citizens and everyone) use the public restroom facilities available & plan your travel accordingly.

  • 6.What seating arrangements are made onboard the tour coach/bus? Can we reserve seats on the bus?

    ● No, there is no advance seat reservation policy. Seats of the bus are arranged based on "first come, first serve" policy for the first day of the tour. However, for very limited number of tours there is a possibility to reserve seats in advance (subject to availability), we recommend you check with Globerouter customer support before making your reservation.

    ● For 01 day plus tours, seating on coach would be on daily rotation basis, so that every passenger avails the fair opportunity to use the front and middle seats during the tour duration (applicable on tours which are more than 01 Day + only). The instructions would be given by the tour guide and we request all passengers to be fair and co-operate among themselves on mutual basis to have an enjoyable trip.

    ● For any special needs please speak to the tour guide while boarding the bus or contact the local tour operator’s number mentioned on your E-Voucher.

  • 7.What is the baggage policy?

    ● We recommended our passengers travel light, carry only essential items.

    ● Most coaches permit 1 big bag + 1 carry on per person (Size specification as per International Airline Guidelines).

    ● Excess luggage might cause you unnecessary inconvenience and might attract additional charges and sometimes may not be allowed on the coach.

    ● If you have any further concerns regarding the baggage please contact the local provider number mentioned on your E-Voucher.

  • 8.How many passengers travel in one tour?

    ● It depends on the number of people booked the tour on same day.

    ● If a departure has 15 people or less than 15 people, usually a small tour coach/bus is arranged.

    ● If there are more than 30 people traveling on a specific departure, a big tour coach/bus is arranged.

    ● Number of passengers could range from 15 to 60 depending on popularity of the tour and season (summer or holiday season).

  • 9.What is the child seat policy? Will car seats be available on board the tour coach/bus?

    ● If a child under the age of 02 years (Infant) uses a seat (i.e. Car seat) on the tour coach /bus, then full tour price would apply (unless until there is a separate “Child Price” mentioned in the tour costing).

    ● Tour coaches are not equipped with “car seats”. If you wish to rent them, we recommend you contact the tour operator ahead of the tour and learn about charges applicable.

    ● We recommend you carry your own car seat.

  • 10.What are the arrangements for a person with a disability who utilizes wheelchair?

    ● Most tour coaches/buses are not equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramps. If the person with a disability can walk up and down the stairs of the tour coach / bus, the wheelchair can be stored in the trunk of the tour coach / bus.

    ● Our tour guide will try and arrange a front seat for the person with disabilities, however cannot be guaranteed as the front seats are subject to availability.

    ● We recommend you leave us a note in the “Additional Comments” section while booking the tour (or) you talk to the local tour provider after you receive the E-Voucher, post booking which will have the contact details.

  • 11.Is there a possibility of leaving/discontinuing a tour in between?

    ● Yes, you can discontinue the tour anytime should you prefer to do so, however there will be no refund/compensation/cost reduction offered against voluntary non-utilization or partial-utilization of any services.

    ● If you know ahead (even before making the tour booking) that you would like to discontinue the tour halfway, we recommend you leave us a note with the information on the same in the “Additional Comments” section while booking the tour, so that we can keep our local tour operator informed.

    ● If the tour is already started and you wish to discontinue in between, we recommend you coordinate with the guide.

  • 12.What languages are the tours conducted in & what languages can the tour guide speak?

    ● Tour language is mentioned against each product and varies with destination.

    ● We recommend you check this information mentioned above the tour highlights for every product before making your reservation.

  • 13.Does the tour include meal options & is there vegetarian / vegan food available on tour?

    ● Unless until mentioned in the tour cost inclusions, most of our tours do not include meal.

    ● The local tour guide will make all arrangements to stop by places where you can purchase your own meal.

    ● The tour guide will arrange a stop at food courts, fast food restaurants or restaurants serving international cuisine, where there will be options for vegan / vegetarian food.

  • 14.Where and how much time is the usual meal break during the tours?

    ● Usually meal breaks are decided and handled by the tour guide solely. They will arrange for meal breaks during the tour for breakfast, lunch & dinner based on the tour schedule and itinerary.

    ● Enough time is allocated for meals ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending upon the tour schedule / itinerary).

  • 15.Do I need to apply for a visa to go to Canada or any other country outside the United States?

    ● Yes, you must apply your visa If you have selected a tour that includes Canada tour.

    ● Passengers traveling outside their home country (country of residence / citizenship) to participate in our tours, should carry with them necessary valid travel documents like Passport, Green card, VISA etc.

  • 16.Is travel insurance necessary while traveling?

    ● We highly recommend all our passengers to avail "Travel Insurance" to protect you against personal / natural / manmade exigencies of all kind that include medical & family emergencies, accidents, flight delays & cancellations, traffic delays, theft or loss of personal property & life, acts of terrorism, natural calamities etc. that may affect you from participating in our tours (OR) arise while on tour.

    ● Globerouter / Local tour operator will take no responsibility for matters as stated above under personnel / natural / manmade exigencies.

    ● No part or full refund / compensation will be offered to passengers who miss taking our tours as per schedule or for those who experience unforeseen situations while on tour citing the reasons above; as all services are reconfirmed and prepaid for. Charges as mentioned in our “Cancellation / Order Modification / Refund Policy” would be applicable.

  • 17.How to purchase admissions ticket or optional tour tickets?

    ● Some optional tours mentioned in the exclusions section of the tour page that need to be selected and paid for at the time of booking as they may not be available for purchase 07 days prior to the our (or) on the day of the tour, due to high demand and various other logistical reasons.

    ● However, there are other optional tours mentioned in the exclusions section of the tour page, that can be availed and purchased on the day of the tour by paying cash. We recommend you coordinate with the tour guide ahead so that he/she can provide you with more information about these optional and help you procure passes / admission tickets for the same.

    ● We recommend you take note of the “optional tours booking information” provided in the tour exclusion section. If you still have any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team before / after booking.

  • 18.What to do if I do not want to participate in optional tours at the location?

    ● You will have to wait for the rest of the group to complete it before continuing with the tour.

  • 19.Will we be given free time to enjoy the attractions at our own leisure during the tour?

    ● Free time will be given based on number of attractions to be covered on the itinerary schedule for the day. As we make sure our customers do not miss out on any sightseeing place.

    ● Our tour guides will usually try and allocate 1-2 hours of leisure time during the tour (subject to change).

  • 20.What types of travelers typically join your tours?

    ● You will be traveling with passengers from different parts of the world.

    ● We have passengers of different age groups (children, senior citizens etc.) who would be traveling with families, friends, partners or solo.


  • 1.What type of Hotel rooms will we have? How many beds in a room?

    The room type completely depends on how many people are traveling with you. It can be one king bed or two twin beds. You can see this information while booking a tour package and after entering all details on number of passengers traveling with you.

    No. of People Traveling Room Type Total Price
    1 person Single Room Price X 1
    2 people Double Room Price X 2
    3 people Triple Room Price X 3
    4 people Quad Room Price X 4

    Child Policy:

    · If child is under 2 years of age, the room can be shared for free for the child.

    · If the child is over 2 years of age, some tour packages have mentioned prices for child if not mentioned standard room price applies for the child.

  • 2.How many people do you allow per room?

    Hotels can accommodate up to four guests per room (including infants). Double, triple, and quad rooms will have two double beds.

  • 3.Can I select a non-smoking hotel room, while booking a tour package?

    All the hotel rooms we provide are non-smoking rooms.

  • 4.Can I share a Hotel room? What is the room sharing policy?

    No, there is no room sharing policy.

  • 5.What is the Hotel check-in time?

    The standard hotel check-in time is 3:00 p.m. Hotel staff may allow check-in earlier, if they have available rooms at the time. If not, you may ask if you may store your luggage at the hotel.

  • 6.What kind of hotel will we be staying at?

    Hotels range from different levels (i.e. standard, deluxe etc.) based on the tour package selected. You can check for the hotel names on the tour description page, but the actual hotel will not be finalized until one or two days before the departure date.

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