How to go to Niagara Falls from Washington D.C?

There are multiple ways to travel to Niagara Falls from Washington D.C

  • Flights: The closest airport to fly into from Washington D.C would be Buffalo, about 15 miles from Niagara Falls.
    • Train Services: There are passenger train services to and fro from D.C to Niagara Falls. Visit
    • Bus Services: There are passenger bus services offered by various bus service companies like Greyhound, Megabus etc.
    • Drive on your own: You can simply rent a car or drive your own car. Drive time to Niagara Falls from D.C is approximately 8 hours i.e. 401 Miles.


  • Guided Coach Tours: Coach tours are the best way to travel, which includes transportation via deluxe coach, Hotels to stay and experienced tour guide. Visit



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