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5-Day In-Depth South France Tour from Paris (with high-speed train) - Tour Code: 15559

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Start City: Paris End City: Paris

Duration: 5 Day(s) Language: Chinese&English Airport Pickup: No


☆ In-Depth tour to Côte d'Azur to the Mediterranean!

☆ Visit Van Goth city - Arle!

☆ Visit the town of Saint-Tropez and San Rafael

☆ Explore Eze, a charming hilltop village


Day 1: Paris - Avignon

Summary of The Day

In the morning, take the French high-speed train, TGV, to Avignon Railway Station or Gare de Nîmes. The high-speed train lasts about 2-3 hours.

After a short break at noon, start the tour in beautiful town of Provence, followed by: Fontaine De Vaucluse, Lavender Museum, Village Of Gordes and Senanque Monastery.

Return to Avignon in the evening and explore the city on your own, visit the ancient city walls of Avignon, the Rhone River Bridge and the Avignon Palace.


Meeting time depends on the TGV train, please kindly check the details shown on the E-voucher.

Hotel Details

We choose the ibis hotel in the old town of Avignon for your stay. Here you can enjoy the free night to visit the street art performances of the ancient city of Avignon, the city walls, the Rhone Bridge, the Avignon Palace and many other attractions. Every July, the Avignon Theatre Festival, this city becomes the capital of theatre and street art, holds fabulous puppet shows, operas, contemporary street art performances, concerts, and overnight street theatre performances. The activities will illuminate your night at Avignon, which none of the hotels outside the old town could offer.

Fontaine De Vaucluse

Fontaine De Vaucluse

Fontaine de vaucluse (Spring town), about half an hour from Avignon, is France's largest spring water, ranking 5th in the world, with an annual flow of 630 million cubic meters. In summer, the residents here don't have to suffer the hot weather, the cool spring water flowing from the mountains take away the hot air and send a wave of cool winds.

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Village Of Gordes

Village Of Gordes

In the valley which is opposite the Luberon Mountains, there is an ancient city built on the hills with stone walls, houses, hillsides and castles. This is a very famous tourist attraction in the Provence region, Gordes, also translated as “Gao De".

The ancient city of the hill has attracted many artists to stay here. The 16th-century Gaudí Castle on the top of the mountain stands proudly, and it houses many artists' works. In the small town of France, the artistic atmosphere is everywhere.

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Abbaye De Senanque

Sénanque Monastery

The Sénanque Monastery is located 2 km north of Stone Town. It was built in 1148 by the monks of the Mazan Monastery. The entire monastery is hidden in a quiet valley and is known as one of the "most beautiful valleys in France". Despite this, the lavender fields are relatively small in size. It is important to note that sometimes tourists can be loud. Please try to be quiet when you visit.

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Musée de la Lavande

Lavender Museum

The Lavender museum is a cultural extension of the lavender farm. In this well-equipped Luberon traditional farmhouse, you will uncover all the charms of lavender. The museum receives more than 50,000 visitors from all over the world every year. Through the museum's short films, personal collections, program events, etc, you will be immersed in the real lavender world.

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Hotel (included)
Ibis Avignon Old Town , OR Similar

Day 2: Avignon - Cannes - Nice

Summary of The Day

After breakfast, travel from Avignon to Valensole on route D907. In this beautiful place, visit the romantic flower sea of lavender.

In the afternoon, visit the European Gorge, the Verdun Grand Canyon and the Holy Cross Lake.

Then, proceed to Film Town in the south, Cannes, visit the Palais des Festivals, the Avenue des Stars, and take a free stroll through the Cannes Promenade.


The sequence of the itinerary may change according to different departure date.

Hotel details

The hotel is located on Promenade des Anglais, on the coast of Nice Côte d'Azur. In front of the hotel is the beach of Nice Angel Bay. After check in at the hotel, you can head to the Mediterranean beach, or head to Nice. On the open-air seating of the les grands bleus, try the Mediterranean cuisine of Nice and the French



Valensole has the largest lavender fields in the Provence region. Driving from Valensole Lavande to Lac de Sainte-Croix, takes about 40 minutes. National Geographic magazine has selected Valensole as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Les Gorges Du Verdon Et Lac De Sainte Croix

Holy Cross Lake and Verdun Grand Canyon

The Verdun Grand Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world. This 25-kilometer-long, 700-meter-long canyon, is located in the Provence-Côte d'Azur region and is famous in Europe for its magnificent scenery.

With a unique perspective, the Holy Cross Lake is like a flat jade, set in the mountains. There are vast cliffs, winding creeks, clear lakes, and even mountains. Sitting on the cliff landscape, you will experience a breathtaking view.

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Palais Des Festival

Movie Palace and Avenue of Stars

Built in 1982, the Movie Palace is an important meeting place for the Cannes Film Festival and the most eye-catching Golden Palm Award is presented here. The palace currently has a total exhibition area of ​​44,000 square meters. Not to mention, It contains 15 concert halls. The Avenue of Stars, one of the must-see attractions in Cannes, is located next to the Movie Palace. You can see 300 handprints of famous stars pressed on the sidewalk.

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Hotel (included)
Ibis Promenade des Anglais , OR Similar

Day 3: Nice - Eze - Monaco - Nice

Summary of The Day

Depart from Nice in the morning and enjoy the seaside of the city. You will passe by the Moyenne Corniche which is on the cliff road of South France.

After, go to the cliff town of Eze from where you could see the charming Mediterranean.

In the afternoon, visit the small country of South France - Monaco.

At night, return back to Nice, you will have free time to explore Nice Old Town, Angel Bay Beach and England Promenade.

Hotel details

The hotel is located on the Promenade des Anglais - on the coast of Nice. In front of the hotel is the beach of Nice Angel Bay. After staying at the hotel, you can head to the Mediterranean beach, listen to the sound of the sea, see the blue sea, or head to Nice Old Town. Experience the endless nightlife of the Mediterranean, with a variety of pubs, nightclubs, and street food outlets open until late at night, beach clubs, Mediterranean beaches, and beach bars that are more lively at night.



Eze is an ancient stone town built in the Middle Ages. Located on a huge rock by the sea, It is a small village between Nice and Monaco. Standing on the top over 600 meters, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Côte d'Azur. The scenery is very charming and spectacular. Strolling through the narrow stone road, you can feel the unique and charming scenery everywhere. The stone-built houses are arched with narrow roadways and upwards.

Perfume museum is located in the International Fragrance Museum, under Mount Eze, the Perfume museum tells the story of perfume. The museum was completed in 1983 and is full of Mediterranean flavor. Here, people can learn the history of perfumes, the process the blending of perfumes and the way of production. Not only that, but also discover the rare varieties of perfumes in the world.

Monaco Palace Square's location is unique. The turrets and the spires of the Louis XIV period are displayed around the Palace Square. The square gives also a nice panoramic view of Monaco. From the square (north side) you can see Monaco in Monte Carlo.

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Nice old town and Nice Angel Bay

The Nice old town contains ancient architecture dating back to the 18th century - like Baroque churches and Italian-style buildings. Walk into the maze of the old town, stroll through the winding lanes, admire the brightly colored, different styles of architecture, and get lost in the unique shops. If you walk to Cours Saleya, you will be greeted with a variety of bright fruits, sweets and flowers.

Angel Bay is located next to the England Promenade, named after the wings of an angel. The sea here is blue and a good place to spend the summer. The nice beaches are special because they are all paved with cobblestones. Climbing up the castle from the east gives good angled views to appreciate the Bay of Angels.

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Hotel (included)
Ibis Promenade des Anglais , OR Similar

Day 4: Nice - Saint-Raphael - Saint-Tropez - Arles - Nîmes

Summary of The Day

In the morning, take the seaside resort of Frejus and arrive at the seaside town of Saint-Raphael - located on Côte d'Azur.

After, take a cruise on the Côte d'Azur to the Mediterranean Sea and go straight to the city of marine art, Saint-Tropez.

Then, take the bus to Arles. In the city, visit the old town of Arles, Van Gogh Café, and enjoy the splendid sunflower fields under the sky.

In the evening, arrive at the city of Water Elf - Nîmes, and visit Nim Old Town freely.

Please note:

**During the summertime, the hotel in south France is in high demand. For some late bookings, we will arrange other hotels of the similar category.

Hotel details

The hotel is located in the Nim Water Bridge Station Square. A 200 meter walk away from the Roman Classical Arena, a neoclassical building in Nimes, characterized by symmetry and pure patterns. Every summer, the Dance Music, Drama Festival and the Nimes Carnival are held. It is recommended to go to the Theatre Square and admire the Old Theatre and the Three Goddess Fountain. In addition, you can take the station to the ancient Roman arena and feel the peace in the sunset.

Saint Raphael

Saint Raphael

A 15-minute walk from Frejus Harbour, along the beaches of the Rose Coast to Saint Raphael. Unlike the serene Frejus, San Rafael has lots of lively bars, restaurants and shops. Likewise, their are crowded beaches everywhere.

Frejus is a seaside resort with stunning views of the bay and the beach. This city of art and culture has a rich history and architectural heritage - including one of the largest amphitheatres in Gaul. The balconies of many houses. on the colourful beachfront resort of Frejus, are built directly on the sea level - reaching out to the harbour pier of Frejus.

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Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a town in the Val-Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France, about 100 km from the regional capital of Marseille. Nicknamed "Sun City", this small town is known for having the most beautiful beach in France. The beach here is not just tens of kilometers as other tourist destinations. It consists of nearly a hundred small beaches of around a thousand square meters.

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Arles Old Town

Arles is one of the most important destinations for Provence tourism because of its art atmosphere. Apart from a series of attractions related to Van Gogh, it is also the most concentrated city of ancient Roman ruins. Furthermore, it is also known as the “Gaul” or “Little Rome". Arles was famous for being occupied by Caesar and Van Gogh's paintings.

Van Gogh is the symbol and pride of this town. He has not only painted here, but lived his last years here. Most of the prototypes of his paintings are derived from here. You can feel the footsteps of Van Gogh everywhere.

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Hotel (included)
Ibis Styles Nimes Centre Gare , OR Similar

Day 5: Nimes - Paris

Summary of The Day

On the same day, visit the ancient city of Nimes, explore the splendour and mysterious gardens of ancient Rome, then depart from Nimes/Avignon train station and take the French TGV high-speed train for about 2 hours and 30 minutes before arriving and ending you journey at the Lyon train station in Paris.



In the ancient city of Rome, Nimes brought together the amazing wisdom of the ancient Romans with the well-preserved ancient Roman arena and the historic Jardin de la Fontaine. A warm city with a spring for life, you can explore the ancient Roman tower of, La Tour de Magne, on the hills and see the infinite scenery.

Square Temple Maisson Carrée's the major architectural feature of the temple are the Corinthian columns. The building is about 17 meters high and 26 meters deep. It was built in the first century of Augustus in the Auguste era. It is preserved in the original form of the temple in the Roman times. After the temple was built, it was used as a city government building and church. Now it is an ancient museum (Musee des Antiques).

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Arenes De Nimes

Nimes Arena (appearance)

Witnessing historical sites, Nimes Arena is one of the main Roman monuments of Nimes. Not to mention, the arena is the world's most preserved ancient arena - a historical testimony to the Roman colony of Nimes. The Nimes Arena is not only the most preserved ancient Roman arena in the world, but also one of the largest 20 of the 400 existing Roman arenas in the world. The arena is elliptical, imposing and elegant.

Les jardin de fontaine

Built more than a thousand years ago, the mysterious garden is a great architectural miracle. The garden contains well-preserved ancient Roman architecture and forest landscapes. Since Nimes was developed from the spring, people are convinced that the spring water has elves. In addition, people think that the Spring Park is the garden that the creators built for the devils dedicated to the spring.

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    1. 2 or 3-star hotel accommodations for 4 nights (Breakfast included)
    2. City taxes
    3. Bilingual English and Chinese speaking tour guide
    4. Transportation via modern air-conditioned tour coach
    5. High speed train tickets (Paris-Avignon and Nîmes to Paris)
    6. Admission fee(Ferry to St-Raphael, Eze Garden, Lavender Museum and Perfumes Museum )
    7. Luggage: 1 suitcase (23 kilos) and 1 carry on per person
    1. Lunch & Dinner (Vegan food options available)
    2. Mandatory Tips/Service Fee ( €8/person/day ), Please pay in cash to the tour guide while on the bus. Any child / Infant reserving a seat will have to pay the service fees as well.
    3. All personal expenses, such as laundry, phone, and travel insurance
Departure Points
Region Departure Point Departure

Gare de Lyon, in front of the Mercure hotel

Place Louis-Armand, 75571 Paris

Departure time shall be on E-voucher

具体时间请见入团通知书 Departure time shall be on E-voucher

**Please reach to the departure points at least 10-15 minutes early.

Booking Info
    1. Globerouter cooperates with top local tour operators and ensures the best quality of services to all travelers.
    2. The sequence of itineraries, travel time, tour start/end points, attractions covered as mentioned in the tour itinerary; are subject to change without prior notice based on departure dates, local weather, traffic/driving conditions, on ground situations etc.
    3. Maximum occupancy in a room is 2 adults + 1 child (aged below 11 years). There is no possibility to accommodate 3 Adults or more (OR) 2 Adults + 2 Children in one room.
    4. Every passenger is allowed to carry no more than 1 bag (weight not exceeding 30 Kilos), the maximum size per piece of baggage is 158 cm (height + width + depth), extra baggage will be charged 5 euros per piece. 
    5. Please ensure the safety of your luggage always, especially in public areas. The tour operator or the tour guide cannot be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
    6. It is responsibility of the passenger to carry all important travel documents like Passport , VISA (Please check with the traveling countries embassy / consulate on VISA requirements) , Travel Insurance etc. to participate in this tour.

Cancellation / Modification and Refund Policy

1. Cancel or change an order

The following terms apply to the refund policy when canceling or changing an order

1) Reducing the number of travelers

2) Canceling the entire order

3) Change to a different tour

Possible only 31 days prior to the tour departure date.

Modification service fee will be applicable over & above the cancellation charges.

4) Rescheduling tour departure date

This request will not be accepted if the travel date is within 07 days or lesser.

Subject to availability of seats

Modification service fee will be applicable over & above the cancellation charges.

Cancellation Made Within Refund Policy
61 Days (or) more prior to tour departure date 75% of tour cost paid will be refunded
31-60 Days prior to tour departure date 50% of tour cost paid will be refunded
14-30Days prior to tour departure date 15% of tour cost paid will be refunded
0-13 Days (or) lesser prior to tour departure date The entire tour cost will be forfeited & No-Refund

2. Modify an order

Charges to modify an order apply for the following:

1) For requests to add more number of travelers

Subject to availability of seats.

2) For requests to change to a different tour

Possible only 31 days prior to the tour departure date.

Cancellation charges as above will be applicable over & above the modification service fee.

3) For requests to reschedule tour departure date

This request will not be accepted if the travel date is within 07 days or lesser.

Subject to availability of seats.

Cancellation charges as above will be applicable over & above the modification service fee.

4) For requests to change name of passengers

This request will be accepted until 3 days prior to the travel date, however same service fee as below will be applicable.

Modification Notice Period Service Charge
Requests made from the date of booking until 13 days prior to the tour departure date US $ 30 will be charged for each order
Requests made 13 days (or) lesser from the date of tour departure No requests will be accepted & No Refund

3. Notes

1) We recommend all our passengers to avail "Travel Insurance" to protect themselves against personal / natural / manmade exigencies of all kind (including medical & family emergencies, accidents, flight delays, traffic delays, theft or personal- acts of terrorism, natural calamities etc.) that may affect you from participating in our tours (OR) arise while on tour.

2) Globerouter will take no responsibility for matters as stated above under personnel / natural / manmade exigencies.

3) No part / full refund / compensation will be offered to passengers who miss taking our tours (OR) for any un-utilized services, as per the date / time scheduled on the E-Voucher because all services are reconfirmed and prepaid for Charges as mentioned in our "Cancellation / Modification and Refund Policy" would be applicable.

4) All cancellation & tour modification requests should be emailed to info@globerouter.com.

5) We will not accept any cancellation / modification requests made through local tour provider / tour guide (OR) verbal requests made over the phone to our customer support staff / by voice mail

6) Cancellation request emails will not be accepted unless they have a complete, signed and attached "Globerouter Cancellation Request Form".

Cancellation and Refund Policy

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