CN Tower

Toronto / Canada

Dubbed "Canada's Wonder of the World", the CN (Canadian National) Tower has long been a source of pride for Canadians in and around Toronto and has been a favorite tourist attraction for those visiting this enticing Canadian city.


The Toronto Tourist Board estimates that approximately two million visitors annually head to the tower, which was built between 1973 and 1976 by Canadian National in hopes of demonstrating "the strength of Canadian industry by building a tower taller than any other in the world" .

However, the CN Tower was actually built for more practical reasons as well. A Canadian construction boom in the 1960s transformed the downtown area into a region of skyscrapers, causing a major telecommunications problem throughout the city of Toronto. With its microwave receptors located at 338m (1,109 ft.) and 553m (1,815 ft), the CN Tower quickly solved the communication problems for the city, which had become a major concern for both businesses and residents. 

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